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Tribuo – from the Latin for I give – was formed to provide assistance to the freelance performing and creative arts community during the tough months of the world pandemic.  We know that being able to work creatively is the lifeblood of the members of this community and we would like to afford you the opportunity to do something that inspires you and others to create, participate in and experience the arts.

The third cycle of Tribuo-applications focuses on paying it forward. The first and second cycles of applications, were primarily focused on emergency relief due to the pandemic. We now want to inspire our creatives to engage in a voluntary service to the community, by using their creative talents. You might want to pay a visit to a child hospital near you and dress up and entertain the kids? You might want to visit a nearby old age home to read poetry or short stories? Whatever you decide to do – pay it forward and share your talents without anything in return. 

Should your application be successful, the funds you receive is not project-based. You can spend the money in any way you choose. It isn’t intended to fund your paying it forward-initiative.   

Therefore, in this round of funding, we would like you to propose a project that you can accomplish by the end of December 2021 and that will serve your particular community. That community can be anything from fellow performers, to the geographical, or social or cultural community you are attached to or identify with, to a school that you have an interest in or any other community where you would like to give of your talent to benefit others. You will be expected to share a report on the completed project by the end of December in either written or digital format.  These reports may be uploaded to the Tribuo webpage.

You will be expected to report on the completed project by the end of December, either in written or digital format or by sharing pictures. Please note that we do not expect a budget to accompany the motivation. The funding is for the individual and not to finance your project.

We are looking for projects that can be concluded by December and which will inspire and motivate others to experience and participate in the arts and showcase the importance of the arts in our communities.

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Pay it forward

PLEASE NOTE: Should your application be successful, you will be required to share pictures, a video or a written report before the end of December 2021, of your completed project on the Tribuo website for others to also enjoy.

In supporting the Tribuo fund you are making a difference in the performing arts industry of South Africa.

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