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Frequently asked questions

Tribuo Wawyd Wakker

Who is eligible to apply?
Any South African citizen or permanent South African resident over the age of 21 who can demonstrate that she/he is a practicing artist or worker in the performing arts sector.

Which disciplines are eligible for this grant?
All disciplines within the performing arts sector (dance, theatre, writing for the performing arts, technical support sectors, music, live art).

Are non-profits, art collectives, performing ensembles and other groups eligible to apply?
No, the fund is aimed at individuals.

Am I eligible if I have already received funds from another relief effort?
Yes, depending on the funds available and the list of applicants with dire needs.

Before I apply, am I guaranteed to receive funds?
No, this will depend entirely on the funds available and the list of applicants.

How can I apply?
By filling out the application form on the website.

Will the application be open continuously for the duration of the fund?
No, the application processes will run in cycles that will be tied in to the fundraising phases of the fund.

Once I apply, when will I hear back?
You will receive an immediate auto reply indicating that your application was received. You will hear from the fund within 20 days after the closing date for applications.

How will I be notified of the status of my application?
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application. Thereafter you will receive an email notifying you whether your application was successful or not.

When will I know if I have received a grant?
Within three weeks post the closing date for applications.

If I am not selected for a grant, will I still be notified?

Is the application only online? 

May I apply on behalf of someone else with their consent?

May I apply more than once?
Yes, but not in the same cycle.

If I don’t receive the grant in one cycle, do I have to submit another application in the next cycle?

What security measures are in place to protect the information I am providing in this application?
All committee members and panel members will sign non-disclosure agreements. All applications will be treated as completely confidential.

If I am awarded a grant, will my name be made public?
No, under no circumstances will the fund publish the names of beneficiaries.

What is the timeline for fund distribution?
Within three weeks after the close of applications, you will be notified of the success of your application, and the funds will be paid over within 14 days after this notification.

If I receive a grant, will there be reporting requirements?

What will you require to issue my grant?
Bank details and a bank letter confirming your banking details. 

Is the grant taxable?

Who administers the fund?
This is a non-profit company that is administered by a group of volunteers.

What can I use the funding for?
This is entirely dependent on the needs of the applicant.

Am I able to get this grant more than once?

Will my donation be eligible for tax benefits?
Yes.  All donations qualify for a Section 18A tax certificate (upon request).

Will all of the money donated go to artists?

Can I designate my donation to a specific discipline or demographic?
Please email to discuss this.

In supporting the Tribuo fund you are making a difference in the performing arts industry of South Africa.

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